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Sumit and his wife Kanchan started Project Jugnoo to give to underprivileged communities and to be a force for good in the world. Sumit’s family has their roots in Rosad, a small village in Central India where over 80% of the residents do not have access to electricity. 


Project Jugnoo has already brought lighting, clothes, shoes–and smiles–to the residents and children of Rosad. In the coming year, over 150 children will receive Android tablets to allow them to embrace new technologies and improve their educational prospects.


Unfortunately, Rosad is not the only place that needs help from the more fortunate. That is why we are reaching out to other businesses to join with us in pledging a portion of their profits to help children around the world.


with iJugnoo (Android Tablet)

ROSAD Jugnoo(Kids)

with iJugnoo (Android Tablets)
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Why Should You Get Involved?

Beyond the ethical and moral considerations, businesses can benefit from strategic philanthropy. Modern employees want so much more from their place of work than a simple clock-in/clock-out relationship – they want to feel as though they are part of something that matters in the world, they want to feel pride in the company that they work for, and they want to know that they are helping to directly improve society. 

Making philanthropy part of your corporate culture can help you attract and retain personnel, and building deeper connections with your employees through positioning your company as a positive force can help you align your organizational goals with individual employee aspirations. 

You can learn more about Project Jugnoo and the benefits of corporate philanthropy by sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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